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07 June 2024 | Local News
A message from the East Herts Community Forum Team


We want to thank you for your interest in the Gilston Area Community Forum.  We are delighted to have welcomed both new and old faces alike and are looking forward to continuing the conversation as the Gilston Area development progresses.


At present we are focussing Officer time on progressing the S106 legal agreement, and this means that the next Community Forum will be in September. You can learn more about S106 agreements from the link we have provided below.


We will share further details once the new dates have been secured including the topic for the next Forum. Whilst we will confirm the agenda nearer the time, we currently anticipate that masterplanning will be on the agenda, providing an update on the Strategic Landscape Masterplan and masterplans for Village 1 and Village 7. As before, if there are any specific topics that you would like to learn more about, please share these topics with us by emailing them to: Community.Forum@eastherts.gov.uk.


We hope to have your continued involvement in the Forums over the coming months and years. In the interim, please find some further information below which we hope you will find useful.


Community Forums


Further information about the Forums and the Gilston Area sites, including Council and Developer presentations on the Community Forums webpage;


Community questions on the FAQ and Community Forum Comments Tracker.


If you don’t find what you are looking for, please contact us by email at Community.Forum@eastherts.gov.uk.  


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Places for People (Villages 1-6)


Developer Contacts


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