A resilient place, facing the future

Sustainable communities are connected communities. Gilston Park Estate will contain a comprehensive set of measures which will make it cleaner, environmentally sustainable and easier to travel around.


Sustainable, reliable travel is at the heart of our ambition for Gilston Park Estate. For those who are travelling, investment in local bus services will provide links with Gilston Park Estate and Harlow Train Station, connecting the development with regional and national transport networks.

Locally, we will invest in a new sustainable network of cycling and walking trails, feeding into existing canal paths and routes along the Stort valley and wider area.


We will invest in significant highway infrastructure improvements too, including at the A414 Stort Crossing alongside an entirely new second crossing. We are also supporting plans to provide a new motorway junction for the M11 to the North East of Harlow.

In addition, we recognise that how we live, work and travel has all been profoundly affected by recent responses to the coronavirus outbreak, with many more people working from home. Superfast broadband will feature across the development to support this shift to home working, whilst modern flexible employment space will be provided to support local employment.

Healthy, active living

We have put our support for active lifestyles into the heart of our design for Gilston Park Estate.

Within our villages, we will provide open, accessible outdoor spaces for communities to enjoy. Parks, playing fields and sports facilities will feature across the development. All residents will have easy access to sport and leisure opportunities, with new indoor facilities and outdoor pitches provided across the development.

And we will provide a new network of cycling and walking trails, including new routes which feed into the canal paths along the Stort Valley.

More than 500 hectares of open green space for exercise, leisure and recreation.