Economic impact

Gilston Park Estate will significantly boost the local economy. Below you will find some of the frequent questions we’ve been asked on this topic.

The scheme includes significant investment in transport so that residents can easily reach jobs in Harlow and East Herts, including a new bridge over the River Stort, new bus routes and better access to Harlow Station. Places for People have committed to working with stakeholders to provide a northern access to Harlow station to better improve connectivity.

We are absolutely committed to making sure both Harlow and East Herts benefit from our proposals. We are looking to develop a pledge which will include employment and training opportunities and how we will work with local supply chains wherever possible.

Our proposals will help create thousands of jobs on the site. These will be in a range of services and facilities that will support the residents of the development and the wider area, including at the schools, health centres, shops, and leisure facilities that we will provide. In addition, we will provide some small-scale offices that will primarily meet a local market.