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We’ve listened to all of the feedback we’ve had about Gilston Park Estate

From the outset, we have been working with the Local Authorities, other key partners, the Parish Councils and the Neighbourhood Planning Groups to review the proposals at the relevant stages. We have received a lot of feedback and have made amendments to our applications in response. These amendments were submitted in November 2020, and continued amendments made to the emerging Strategic Landscape and Village 1 masterplans on an ongoing basis. East Herts District Council has completed a public consultation on the changes as part of the planning application stage.


  • 2006 PfP acquired majority of Gilston Park Estate
  • 2010 PfP & Landsec begin the process to promote Gilston Park through the preferred sites list as part of the EHDC Local Plan Process
  • 2017 Harlow and Gilston was designated as a Garden Town by the Department for Homes, Communities and Local Government
  • 2018 Gilston Area Concept Frame work approved–Benchmark for how site is to be developed
  • 2018 East Hertfordshire Local Plan adopted-allocating land, removing it from green belt
  • 2019 Outline planning application for V1-6anddetailed applications for Stort River/Rail Crossings submitted
  • 2019 Outline planning application for V7 submitted
  • 2021 Housing Investment Grant funding of up to £129m secured for early infrastructure delivery
  • 2021 TW acquire Village 7
  • 2022 Detailed planning applications for the two River Stort Crossings granted planning permission by EHDC and HDC
  • 2023 Outline Planning Resolution to Grant from EHDC for V1-6
  • 2023 Outline Planning Resolution to Grant from EHDC for V7
  • 2024 Anticipated signature of s106 agreement and issue of decision notice 15 Enabling works for Stort Crossings

To view our consultation reports from the masterplanning process so far, including changes made following feedback from the community, please click here.


For any construction enquires please contact us on construction@gilston.info